On Location Team Photography

Bringing the studio to you, for team photos that reflect the real-world environment of your success.

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Our Approach

On Location Corporate
Photography Services

David DuPuy Studios brings the studio to you with our premium on-location photography services, catering to the diverse needs of corporate photography in NYC. Specializing in executive headshots and professional headshots, we provide a convenient and efficient solution for businesses looking to capture their team's professionalism without leaving the office. Whether it's in the dynamic environment of your corporate office, at a bustling real estate property, or any other professional setting, our on-location services are designed to create impactful corporate headshots that reflect the ethos and caliber of your brand. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to excellence, David DuPuy ensures each headshot portrays the confidence and competence of each individual, making them ideal for company websites, LinkedIn profiles, and professional portfolios. By choosing David DuPuy Studios for your corporate headshots in NYC, you're not just getting a photographer – you're getting a partner who understands the significance of brand image in the corporate world and strives to deliver headshots that speak volumes about your professionalism and dedication.